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What Do I offer

Business Coaching

Includes 1 on 1 business coaching for startups. Learn how to scale and grow business from conception to implementation

Accounting Services

Wraparound accounting services that include budgeting, bookkeeping (revenue and expense tracking), bank reconciliation

Trainings & Workshops

Enroll in the “Help-Self’ workshop based to fine-tune the mindset, process and discipline required for professional business development.

About Me

Coach, Motivation Speaker & Trainer

Destorian learned the value of hard work very young seeing his mother leave for work when it was dark and not getting back home until after it had gotten dark again. It was this value of hard work that fueled his drive to succeed. 

The true definition of self-help, is to help-self.

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The Only Self-Help Book You'll Ever Need

This thought-provoking first offering from author Destorian Cash is a hybrid blank book combining motivational text with blank spaces meant to inspire the reader to blaze their own trail to success while filling the pages with their triumphs and failures along the way. While this book is a nontraditional take on the subject, allow it to accompany you on this journey and serve as your

– Journal
– Sketchbook
– Idea Gallery
– Personal accountability partner
– Resolution reminder

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