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Destorian learned the value of hard work very young seeing his mother leave for work when it was dark and not getting back home until after it had gotten dark again. It was this value of hard work that fueled his drive to succeed. On this drive there were bumps along the road. He had to navigate coming from Atlanta, GA, which many consider the capital of the southern United States to Tuskegee, AL, a city with 4 stoplights that looked like it was stuck in the 1960’s. After graduating high school near the top of his class at Carver Early College High School he was placed on academic probation his freshman year of college at Tuskegee University, lost all his scholarships, and nearly flunked out of school. After failing a test his intro to accounting professor and academic advisor told him that “Accounting might not be for you, dawg…”.

It was the winter break of his Sophomore year, his grades from the semester were posted and his mother asked to see if he was making progress. His grades GPA did not improve much from the one point something it was the previous semester. In disgust his mother looked at him and said “Baby, I can’t keep paying for this”. Tuskegee University is a private school and was very expensive. After losing all his scholarships his freshman year, he had to take out loans to pay for school. Whatever unmet balance (usually around $7,500) was paid for by his mother. He successfully submitted a transfer application for Georgia State University to be closer to home and save money, but his mother elected to pay the difference in cost. She did not want her son to go to college in Atlanta where he had spent his entire life, which turned out to be wise advice. This pivotal moment changed him forever. He realized he had been taking his education and life for granted. In the past, his mother would be angry that he was earning poor academic marks but the pain and disappointment in her voice touched him in a way that it hadn’t before. It wasn’t until he was faced with the reality that he might lose everything that he appreciated the opportunity he was given. He made a vow to his mother that he would do better and he did.

When he returned, he embraced his environment and began to flourish socially and academically. Through hard work and self-determination he became a Dean’s list student, received a bachelor’s degree and later a master’s degree in Accounting. He went on to work his way up in the accounting field and is now a husband, father, and Implementation Consultant with an industry leading tech company. No one can want you to be great more than you want it yourself. 

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The Only Self-Help Book You'll Ever Need

This thought-provoking first offering from author Destorian Cash is a hybrid blank book combining motivational text with blank spaces meant to inspire the reader to blaze their own trail to success while filling the pages with their triumphs and failures along the way. While this book is a nontraditional take on the subject, allow it to accompany you on this journey and serve as your

– Journal
– Sketchbook
– Idea Gallery
– Personal accountability partner
– Resolution reminder

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